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Instant Mold and Air Quality Assessment Results

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Service providers around the country use InstaScope™ for their
mold inspection and air quality assessment needs.

Technology for inspectors
Results for customers

Information for everyone.

InstaScope is the new way to sample air and receive real-time information about every room so you can know if mold is present in a structure.

Update on using InstaScope with Coronavirus detection:

Since the recent COVID-19 outbreak the team at DetectionTek would like to reinforce the unique application of using InstaScope to determine the efficacy of aerosolized disinfection procedures performed by professionals as it relates to virus clusters that may contain Coronavirus.

InstaScope detects the total concentration of airborne particles, which can include the presence of virus clusters that may contain Coronavirus. While InstaScope does not specifically identify Coronavirus in the air, it does detect the total airborne microbiological loads and shows any logarithmic reductions that occur after disinfection procedures. No other science or technology exists that has the ability to confirm in real-time if disinfection jobs are effective. InstaScope can be used to determine the efficacy of these disinfecting procedures, and report in real-time if residential or commercial spaces are relatively safe based on assessment of these airborne microbial loads.

Instant Results
Ready to Review

After a mold inspection, it can take days for the lab results to come back. InstaScope can evaluate airborne particles instantly and generate reports on-site.

Capture Every Room

Mold can be visible, it can also be airborne. With InstaScope’s unlimited sampling ability, get a whole-area scan and report for every room. Remove the guesswork of where to sample.

Better Technology
Supported by Science

Developed by the military, applied commercially for indoor air quality, InstaScope is the only optical technology of its kind on the market. We have the peer-reviewed science to back it up.

Savings for Everyone

Multiple site visits and follow-ups to go over results can turn costly and time consuming for both customer and technician. Simplify the inspection process and eliminate the logistical complications with InstaScope’s on-the-spot reporting.

out with the (m)old sampling methods

InstaScope can be used for different indoor air sampling needs.

Aerosolized Disinfection Services

Commercial & Industrial

IAQ Professionals & Home Inspectors

Water Loss Remediation

Medical Facility Exposure Assessment

Meet the InstaScope

Easy to Use, Easy to Move

Designed with mobility in mind, the InstaScope can inspect a larger area or more rooms, making sure small area samples don't determine the overall results of the whole structure. Built with next-generation optical technology and an iPad interface, everything needed for the job is designed in one piece of equipment.

What People Are Saying

From home inspectors to water restoration leaders, InstaScope is helping people across the country build their business and provide quick, accurate results for their customers.

Watch: Growing Your Business with InstaScope

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

Plans & Pricing

If you are a service provider or inspector interested in using InstaScope and would like to learn more about Pay-Per-Report and One-time Purchase pricing, please submit the form below and our sales team will get in touch with you.