A Better Path Forward: The InstaScope

From spore traps to moisture probes and other hand-held assessment tools, the industrial hygiene sector has never been without resources for characterizing the indoor air quality of a given space.

But not even optical particle counters (OPCs), which have been a trusted industry apparatus for well over 20 years, are necessarily as robust as we need them to be.

“Unfortunately, airborne OPCs do not account for many aerosol particle properties, such as density, shape, refractive index, and absorption,” according to a landmark study published in the 2012 edition of “Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning.”

As such, these OPCs cannot give comprehensive aerosol assessments, nor are their outputs easy to understand. And other methods are simply static and limited in nature — not providing investigators or other industry professionals the flexibility they need to complete an assessment that is robust, comprehensive, and without error the first time.

Thankfully, the air quality profession continues to forge forward, creating new paths that optimize industry standards and enhance one’s ability to foster healthier environments.

Introducing the better path forward: the InstaScope.

How It Works

User-friendly and instantaneous in its air quality analysis, the InstaScope is revolutionizing how businesses and indoor air professionals can both detect and assess particles in a given space.

The InstaScope itself is readily mobile, allowing users to inspect every room on-site and get a “whole area assessment” in a timely and efficient manner. In this regard, environmental professionals can now capture composite samples of every room in just one visit — the processes of which has previously taken several days (if not weeks) to accomplish with traditionally static methods.

When using the InstaScope, one simply needs to move around the room with the device’s wand to take a sample. Airborne biologics and particles enter the wand and move through the instrument into the InstaScope’s optical chamber. By integrating ultraviolet light with biofluorescent recognition technology, the InstaScope can identify airborne particles with precision, thereby translating to easy-to-read results displayed in real-time to the user’s connected iPad. InstaScope incorporates reliable military technology that can identify, separate, and quantify the total numbers of airborne particles, as well as the fraction thereof that is of microbiological origins.

Paving the Way with Peer-Reviewed Science

The InstaScope is the first instrument of its kind designed with a built-in optical library, thus eliminating the need for outsourcing samples to third-party labs.

By using biofluorescent technology, the InstaScope’s optical chamber is capable of sequentially bathing particles in laser and ultraviolet light, enabling accurate sizing and fluorescence characterizations, unlike its conventional OPC predecessors.

Referencing over 75 different cultures of common fungi and pollen to mold spores and bacteria, the InstaScope is capable of comparing airborne sample loads to consistently and correctly identify the contaminants in a room.

That database also continues to expand today, making the InstaScope increasingly versatile and more powerful in its analyses as its database expands.

InstaScope applications are peer-reviewed in both the lab and the field, demonstrating cutting-edge abilities that are scientifically sound. In fact, leading researchers at the University of Colorado’s Flagship Research Campus and Environmental Engineering lab have been using InstaScope for various research projects. Check their most recent one out here about airborne coronavirus disinfection!

One Product for Every Service

By using the InstaScope, your company will be able to effectively show the impact and efficacy of your services, as well as confirm what your competitors can only claim!

The InstaScope’s capabilities are not limited to any one specific use or business model. In fact, this device is bringing the future to:

  • Aerosol Disinfection Services⁣ and Resuspension Reductions
  • Commercial and Industrial Monitoring⁣ Businesses
  • IAQ Professionals and Home Inspections⁣
  • Water Loss Remediation⁣ Companies
  • Medical Facility Exposure Assessment⁣s
  • And More

Are you ready to enhance your business model by integrating the InstaScope? With technology for inspectors, results for customers, and information for everyone, the InstaScope is guaranteed to provide you with the industry edge you have long sought.

Contact us today at (720) 410-7030 to learn more about the InstaScope, or visit our website to request a demo!

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

Plans & Pricing

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