Deep Dive: Monitoring Today’s Global Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Market

It’s no question that the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on our economy over the past year. But, curiously, it has also served to expand the common individual’s awareness of the quality of air around them.

That being said, it’s likely that the uptick in market growth attributed to the pandemic is only one event in the big picture that is the flourishing global market of indoor air quality monitoring.

Here’s what we mean:

Taking A Look At Today’s Market:

From its impact on one’s physical wellbeing to its ability to impede one’s cognitive capabilities, the topic of indoor air quality has never been so widely recognized on a global scale — and the market trends positively reflect such an analysis, seeing as the total global air quality monitoring market reached a value of just over $4 billion by the end of 2020.

And what’s more? It only goes up from here.

Not only is an awareness of indoor air quality here to stay, but according to research conducted by the IMARC Group, the global air quality monitoring market is expected “to reach a value of $5.98 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.68% during 2021-2026.”

Market Growth Factors And Contributors:

Sure, we know more people than ever are paying attention to what is in the air. But as our industry continues to thrive and boom, it’s important that we also ask why: Why is our industry growing? Aside from COVID-19, why are people across the world starting to care now?

According to a recently published press release by Market Watch, it’s industrialization we should be recognizing. Simply put, the growth of technology in tandem with the increase in widespread population densities has had a profound effect on overall pollution levels.

“[Industrialization] has consequently increased the prevalence of various diseases,” Market Watch explained, “such as asthma, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), which, in turn, has propelled the uptake of air quality monitoring devices.”

Additionally, this push can be attributed to a variety of other ongoing factors, including:

  • The establishment and rise of environmental friendliness and sustainability
  • The emergence of stronger governmental regulations regarding air pollution
  • An increased response for funding from both the public and private sectors
  • And more

What This Means For You:

Whether you perform commercial and industrial indoor air quality inspections, investigate the efficacy of sanitation efforts, or offer traditional indoor air quality services for homeowners, the growth of both this market and overall air quality awareness translates into opportunities for entrepreneurship — specifically for individuals wanting to start a business or grow their existing one.

Because of these trends, the indoor air quality market is a great market to build a business around, with proven opportunity to scale.

Not only do these trends indicate that air quality sensors and monitoring systems will become increasingly significant, as reported by Research and Markets, but they will also render this technology more accessible, as researchers are able to produce low-cost sensors in greater quantities. That being said, air quality monitoring is not the same as air quality testing, nor can it always account for the presence of microbial contaminants — which is where the InstaScope comes in.

The InstaScope is a state-of-the-art technology that instantly measures particle loading in the air for mold, bacteria, viruses, and pollen. Scans can be done an unlimited number of times and the reports can generate comparison reports showing other rooms or properties. By generating reports in real-time, users can apply the information gathered by InstaScope to assess any sources for contamination problems, inform solutions built around information, and verify the effectiveness of these solutions with later scans.

To learn more about how InstaScope is changing indoor air quality assessment, contact DetectionTek today by calling 720-410-7030 or emailing

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

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