How InstaScope Eliminates Mold Detection Difficulties In HVAC Systems

Mold can be an elusive creature, slowly growing in dark, isolated spaces, unbeknownst to property owners for indeterminate periods of time.

Thus, when they begin to smell the pervasive odor of mildew every time the air conditioning comes on, they may wonder: “Do I have mold in my HVAC system?”

Thankfully, nobody is better suited to help them find the answer than you. And with InstaScope, you can effectively provide results in an even more reliable and efficient way.

Overcoming the Difficulty of Detection

As a mold inspector or remediation professional, you’ve doubtlessly struggled to reach sites of suspected mold growth within your customers’ HVAC systems.

Regardless of whether the mold spores have taken hold in the air ducts, the insulation, or even areas around the evaporator coil within the system itself, one thing holds true: until you struggle your way in, you won’t truly be able to identify where the mold resides, let alone determine how hazardous it may be.

InstaScope, however, provides professionals with enhanced reach by virtue of its wand, which effectively extends the user’s ability to sample spaces that are either out of reach or simply too small to physically enter.

By measuring the biological loads of the air captured by the wand, mold experts may more efficiently determine:

  • Whether mold growth exists in the HVAC system
  • What time of mold is afflicting the HVAC system
  • What areas of the HVAC system are most heavily affected by the mold growth

Reaping the Benefits of Reliable Results

When it comes to indoor biological pollution that may pose a threat to one’s overall health, it’s only natural that customers come seeking verifiable reassurance.

It is for this reason that InstaScope’s results — which are cloud-based, app-friendly, and generated in real-time — are comprehensive enough for investigators’ purposes while remaining clear enough for customer comprehension.

What’s more, InstaScope allows its users to complete unlimited sample tests on-site, meaning you can test different areas in and around the HVAC numerous times in order to ensure you have isolated the exact area of growth.

What better way to optimize your brand reputation with both your customers and potential leads than with industry-leading technology?

Building A Better Business Model For Mold Testing

Ultimately, mold and moisture intrusion within HVAC systems are relatively common and do not only occur within a residential home. Be it in a commercial space, medical facility, or elsewhere, you know better than anyone that mold does not discriminate in terms of where it grows.

That’s why we engineered InstaScope to be an innovative, state-of-the-art tool for professionals across the air quality industry — because when your business thrives, so will the community’s collective health and wellness.

Reliable, cutting-edge, and user-friendly, InstaScope is the ideal addition to your team’s arsenal of indoor air quality technology. If you’d like to learn more about how InstaScope can enhance your overall business strategy, or if you’d like to request a demo, contact us today by calling (720) 410-7030!

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

See it to believe it

Our team will walk you through the sampling process and features of the app so you can see how InstaScope is changing the way service providers do business.

Plans & Pricing

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